Cost Savings with PCoA® Acute

Compared to existing intravenous (iv.PCA) and sublingual systems (sl.PCA), the PCoA® Acute System offers substantial cost-savings.

Cost savings compared to iv.PCA

Cost savings compared to sl.PCA

Cost savings compared to Nurse

Process optimization

The PCoA® Acute saves cost and time already from the first pill administered. In a published study, the process for dispensing pills through PCoA® Acute was compared with conventional administration by a nurse. Results proved that the use of PCoA® Acute relieves workload off the nursing and medical staff.

PCoA® Acute Study

Current procedure

Patient Controlled Oral Analgesia (PCoA®)

Saves valuable time for the nursing staff

Time for pain-relief

Mean time for a patient to receive pain treatment using PCoA® Acute was reduced by 86% (p<0.05)  compared to administration by nurse. The maximum time for the pill delivery by the nurse was over 60 minutes (analysis was performed according to the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney method).

90% of nursing staff are convinced of PCoA® Acute

Intuitive interface enable rapid learning and use of the PCoA® Acute. An integrated touch screen simplifies operation. Intuitive and easy to understand animation guide the user through all steps of the process.

Using RFID patient identification on the device and a unique PillBox design, the PCoA® Acute System achieves the same level of security as pill delivery by a nurse.

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Physicians, nurses and especially patients benefit from acute pain therapy with PCoA® Acute. It is safe, easy to use and relieves the daily routines in drug administration.

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